Welcome to our new online community for families and friends of Little Sprouts; personal posts are password protected to protect the confidentiality needs of our community, therefore we are able to post items that are relevant to our community of learners. Feel free to ask our teachers for the password and share this with other family members.

As many of you will be aware, here at Little Sprouts, we function out of a community of learners approach. This means that not only are our children active learners, but so are our teachers and family members. Learning is a continual process – just because we grow up doesn’t mean we switch off!

For those of you new to the community, here’s a little something about our teachers and our centre and how you can contribute your funds of knowledge to the community:



Kia Ora! Alaryce taku ingoa. Hello! My name is Alaryce and I am one of the teacher’s part of our wonderful team here at Little Sprouts. I believe that creating an environment where all children and their families feel as though they belong is essential in ensuring we create a positive and successful community of learners. To achieve this, it is important to respect and acknowledge the children’s and whanau’s culture, beliefs and values, as well as offer rich learning experiences for the children to learn about other cultures. I fluently speak English and have moderate understanding of Te Reo, however I am always open and interested to learning new languages. Whakawhetai ki a koutou (Thank you)



Bonjour tout le monde, je m’appelle Merryn Turner et je suis une éducateur du Little Sprouts. Hi everyone, my name is Merryn Turner and I am one of the teachers here at Little Sprouts. I am fluent in both English and French and speak moderate te reo Maori and Spanish. Language has always been a passion of mine and something I love exploring with the children. Bilingualism or multilingualism is a true gift and something that I believe should be celebrated in children. Too often, children are made to feel embarrassed or shamed of speaking their home language rather than the prevalent language. Here at Little Sprouts language is an exciting gift to be shared. Share your funds of knowledge and your ways of speaking with your children with the teachers and we will endeavour to support your children in their language acquisition.



Kumusta (Hello), I’m Monique and I’m a teacher here at Little Sprouts. I have a strong emphasis on providing an environment where children feel empowered to be who they are regardless of where they come from. I fluently speak English and speak moderate Filipino and Te Reo. I look forward to getting to know you and your children within the centre setting. Salamat (Thank you).

No one knows your children better than you do, and therefore no one is able to helps us better understand your children’s gifts than you are. Please feel free to like and comment your own thoughts and feelings on our posts to help us better tailor our curriculum to meet your children and your family’s needs.


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